Single Track Studio, photography by Donovan Jenkins



I am a Portland based outdoor, event, and studio photographer with over 10 years of professional experience. Before starting Single Track Studio in 2012, I worked for 6 years as a Studio & Project manager for schwartzstudios in Los Angeles. During this time I assisted with hundreds of photo shoots, learning everything I could about photography, lighting, editing, and managing a studio. I took those skills and my camera and headed to the mountains to capture photos of my other passion, trail running. Shooting an athlete running down a single track trail in a fluid environment is about as different from studio photography as can be, but the attention to light and small details that I honed shooting indoors helped me capture beautiful images in the mountains. In return, the creativity and adaptability that I learned on the trail has been a valuable asset in my ongoing studio work. Since those early days, I’ve expanded my outdoor photography portfolio to include everything from cycling to rock climbing and mountaineering. If there’s a shot that you need, no matter how remote or challenging the approach, I’m your photographer.

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The Vegan Revolution


Brand Ambassador

My photography and marketing skills combined with an active lifestyle make me an exceptional ambassador and salesman for outdoor, lifestyle, and nutrition brands. I have over 4 years of sales experience in the outdoor industry and a lifetime of real world experience using and abusing gear from the industry's most trusted and innovative companies. I’ve worked with many different brands creating digital marketing content and promoting brand image. My work for The North Face has been published in catalogs, social media, and training material. Within my own network of influence can seamlessly incorporate product and promotional material to get views from active and engaged followers. Because I never stop exploring and pushing my own boundaries in the outdoors, I’m able to test and authentically promote quality products with professional photographs, reviews, stories, and feedback. I have a passion for creating quality content and sharing my story with others. 

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I grew up racing mountain bikes all throughout Montana and the Pacific Northwest, eventually competing in a National Championship downhill mountain bike race before leaving high school and entering the US Army. 4 years, two combat deployments, and countless push-ups later I left the Army to study Philosophy at UCLA. My love of trail running developed out of a need to get out in the mountains, meditate, and push my limits. Running became my therapy and a great source of inspiration for my photography. After several years of training and racing, I’ve run over 30 ultramarathon trail races and thousands of training miles all over the West Coast. These days I've been doing a lot more rock climbing and mountaineering. As an endurance athlete, I love pushing myself and exploring my own personal limits out in nature. Whether on a bike in the middle of the desert or the summit of a mountain, I always take a camera with me on my adventures.

Video documentary of my first 100 mile trail run.  

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