Hipcamp Journal: An Introduction to the Pacific Northwest

An Introduction to Hipcamp

If you’re like me and you love spending nights in the mountains and sitting around a campfire with friends, you should take a look at Hipcamp. They are a cool new company that enables outdoor adventures by helping people find and book campsites. Campers can log in and post photos and reviews of each site, which brings a fun, social, and more informative approach to planning your next trip.

Hipcamp Journal

Several months ago, Hipcamp reached out to me about being a Voyager. A small group of us Voyagers would help provide content for the website and social media posts while also using our networks to spread brand awareness. Last week I was featured in the Hipcamp Journal. They published a story and photos from one of my recent outings in the Pacific Northwest. Here is small preview:

After recently moving to Portland, OR, I was excited to get out on my first backpacking trip in the Pacific Northwest. As I was doing my research on possible locations, trip reports about Mount Margaret Backcountry on the North side of Mount St. Helens continued to stand out. Backpacking through a forest of dead, blown over trees in the blast zone of the 1980 eruption appealed to me as an appropriate introduction to the Cascades. This unique landscape in combination with the abundant wildlife and rich fall colors seemed too good to pass up, so I immediately went online and made reservations for two nights at Dome Camp in mid October.

The full story and all my photos can be found in the Hipcamp Journal.

And here is my Mount Margaret Photo Gallery.


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