A small collection of photos from my recent climb of the Northeast Ridge of Lone Pine Peak with Mikey, the Dirtbag Dancer. Although we didn’t make it to the summit (this time), we learned a lot and had an epic adventure along the way. I am sure we will be back for another crack at it.

2 Replies to “Photo Recap of Lone Pine Peak Climb”

  1. Hi Donovan,
    Your photos are absolutely stunning!
    I am especially smitten by the ones you have posted for hipcamp of Leaping Lamb Farms!
    As I am a friend of the owner, I am thrilled that she has now some of the best photos I have ever seen of farm life!
    I too am an owner of 3 glamping units outside Portland, OR and would LOVE it if you could take some shoots of my property!
    The Bali House

    1. Hi Kristin! Thanks for your comments. I loved shooting and spending time at Leaping Lamb Farms. I grew up in Montana, surrounded by animals and farms, so I am always happy when I get the opportunity to work in that environment. Your property looks so beautiful! I would love to take pictures for you, but I’m in San Francisco for nursing school these days. If another Hipcamp Fieldscout hasn’t worked with you yet, I’m sure one will jump on the opportunity right away. Next time I’m in the Portland area I’ll definitely look you up to see if I can check out your place in person. Thanks again! -Donovan

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