I am Donovan Jenkins, the man behind Single Track Studio.  I have been working in photography and the outdoor industry since 2011. Professional photography has taken a back seat lately as I am currently studying to become a Family Nurse Practitioner at UCSF. With this shift in focus, my website has been transforming. Over time, I hope to change what used to be a professional portfolio into an archive of thoughts, news, photos, and epic adventures.

After my two combat deployments to Iraq as a US Army infantry paratrooper, I studied philosophy and social thought at UCLA. I focused on continental philosophy, post-Marxist social theory, post-structuralism, ethics, and philosophy of language. Philosophy continues to enrich my life and help me create a meaningful existence. I will post periodically about topics I find interesting and useful for understanding our world and interacting ethically with others and the environment.

I also think it’s extremely important to live an active life. My background in trail running, cycling, climbing, and mountaineering has forged an unshakeable appreciation for a healthy body and rugged natural landscapes. I have completed over 30 ultra-marathons, including multiple 100-mile trail runs, and have spent the last couple years developing my rock climbing and mountaineering skills. All of these things have helped me collect a wealth of experiences, memories, and knowledge of the outdoors. I hope to share my journey as I continue to grow.

Live without dead time.

Thanks for checking out Single Track Studio.

Donovan Jenkins